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Annual Ryegrass Varieties

Annual Ryegrass Varieties

Uses of N-Vest Approved Annual Ryegrass Varieties

Annual ryegrasses have dense fibrous roots and have proven to be effective in improving soil structure. After three years of no-till and continued use of N-Vest® approved Annual Ryegrass varieties, producers should see roots around 50" deep. N-Vest® approved Annual Rye-grass varieties can produce as much as five tons of high quality forage for dairy production.

N-Vest® approved Annual Ryegrass varieties

Planting Tips

  • Planting Rate (Drilled): 15-20#/acre
  • Planting Rate (Aerial): 20-25#/acre
  • Planting Depth: 1/4" - 1/2" deep
  • Planting Time: August to early September (plant at least 4-5 weeks before killing frost)

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